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Debit Card

With a Bank of Cape Cod debit MasterCard there is no longer a need to carry cash or checks. The Bank of Cape Cod debit MasterCard is offered free with any checking account. You can sign for purchases, just as with a credit card, at major retailers, specialty shops, restaurants, fast food locations, and more! When you sign, the purchase amount comes out of your checking account and appears on your checking account statement. Your debit card can also be used at ATMs for cash withdrawals, balance inquiries, or transfers between your accounts.


Credit Card

Bank of Cape Cod offers a variety of Visa Credit Cards that card can be used world-wide at millions of establishments that accept VISA. It is provided free of charge to qualified individuals.

To find the Bank of Cape Cod Visa card that is right for you, simply apply online. It's easy!

Already have one? Click here to view your account activity or pay your bill online.

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ATM Transactions

ATM transactions are free at ATMs owned by Bank of Cape Cod or ATMs that are a member of the SUM network. For a listing of ATMs participating in the SUM network, please click here. Should you perform a transaction at an ATM outside the SUM network, the foreign ATM owner may impose a service charge, however, Bank of Cape Cod does not tack on additional fees.


Direct Deposit

This is a convenient service that enables you to have your regular income payments, such as your paycheck, dividend payments or Social Security payments, directly deposited to a Bank of Cape Cod deposit account (except CDs).


Telephone Banking

You can conduct various banking transactions at Bank of Cape Cod around the clock with TeleBanc, the bank's free electronic telephone program. To access TeleBanc, simply call 800.352.4271 and follow the voice instructions.


Safe deposit boxes

Bank of Cape Cod has safe deposit boxes available at our Hyannis location at 232 Main Street.


Rediscover Local Banking

The Management, Associates and Directors of Bank of Cape Cod believe in the Cape Cod community and are committed to making a difference in the lives of its businesses and residents.

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