Mortgage Services

Meet Carole Cook

Carole Cook is a registered mortgage originator and is one of Bank of Cape Cod's mortgage loan officers. Cook has more than 20 years of experience in the mortgage field having worked for several banks in the Fairfield, Connecticut.

A classically trained vocal student, Cook grew up in Boston and attended Emerson College and the Longy School of Music where she was involved in opera and theater. Cook also spent a number of years working in sales and marketing for the hospitality industry. She has maintained a home in Osterville for a number of years and is "thrilled" to be here year-round.

"I'm here to help people find the right mortgage opportunity that best suits their needs," Cook said. "I pride myself on listening and tuning in to what people are communicating. It isn't just about getting a mortgage -- it's about helping people address their financial goals and directing them toward what they need. I love this business and the strategy involved in working closely with customers."

In her spare time, Cook plays golf, enjoys bike riding, walking and spending time gardening. You can reach her at 508-568-2404 or by email at

Carole Cook: NMLS ID # 186467

Testimonials about Carole

Carole has extensive experience in the mortgage industry and prides herself on exceptional customer service and dedication. But don't just take her word for it. Here's what some of her customers have to say about working with Carole.

"We chose Bank of Cape Cod for our home mortgage because as small business owners we believe in supporting local business. We currently use Bank of Cape Cod for our personal and business banking needs, and couldn't be happier! The entire lending experience was easy and stress free.

" We can't say enough about Carole and Keeley (Keeley Anderson, mortgage underwriter). They both worked together to get the job done and made sure everything was taken care of from the pre-approval to closing. We would highly recommend Bank of Cape Cod to our friends and family for their mortgage lending needs!"

-- Tim and Heather Grace of Centerville.


"My experience with Bank of Cape Cod and Carole Cook has been excellent!. As a busy real estate Broker/Owner I often need a client qualified quickly and professionally.Bank of Cape Cod does that!  They are full service handling my commercial as well as residential needs. Most importantly my Mortgage loan officer is always accessible when I need assistance.  That is critical to my real estate transactions. Great rates don't hurt either! " 

-- Margo Pisacano, owner of Seaport Village Realty


"I chose Bank of Cape Cod because I am  a small business person working for a locally owned and run real estate firm. I believe in using local services whenever possible. It’s my business motto. Carole Cook and her team were wonderful in guiding me through the process. As a realtor, I turn my clients over to the banking professional, not usually getting involved in the process. With a fresh, firsthand experience, I now have a renewed  appreciation for the lending process, the new rules and regulations imposed on your business and how it affects the consumer. Good service is also my business motto. The service was seamless with Bank Of Cape Cod. I have, and will continue to refer clients, friends and family to your bank."

-- Kathy Deerman, Realtor with Robert Paul Properties

Carole's tips for mortgage application process

Carole understands the mortgage application process can be somewhat intimidating. That's why she offers these helpful tips so that you'll be ready when you apply for your mortgage.

1. Proof of income:

  • You'll need two years of a W2 or 1099.
  • A copy of your most recent pay stub with year-to-date earnings.
  • Two years of complete tax returns.
  • Copy of all K1s (if applicable) and any ownership in a business that is 25 percent or more we will require two tears complete federal business tax returns.

2. For home purchase mortgages

You will need a copy of accepted offer and or fully executed purchase and sales agreement with a copy of any checks written as a deposit.

3. Other existing mortgages

You will need a copy of any current mortgage and a copy of current tax and home insurance statements for all properties owned.

4. Assets

You will need a copy of most recent two months complete bank and asset statements (all pages), all large deposits to be explained and documents. A computer printout is not acceptable unless it shows the account number and customer name.

5. Residency

A complete address for each residence you've resided at during the past two years.

6. Employment

You will need the name, address and phone number of all employers from the past 24 months.