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Debit Card

With a Bank of Cape Cod debit MasterCard there is no need to carry cash or checks around. The Bank of Cape Cod debit MasterCard is offered free with any business checking account and can be used at any location where MasterCard is accepted. This card may be used just like a credit card for signature based transactions, as a debit card for point of sale (PIN transactions) or to make withdrawals at an ATM.

Credit Card

Bank of Cape Cod offers a variety of Visa credit card options. A Bank of Cape Cod Visa card is provided free to qualified business owners. This card can be used for purchases of goods and services at millions of businesses throughout the United States and abroad where Visa is accepted.

To obtain your Bank of Cape Cod Business Visa Card, please stop by one of our branch locations to complete an application. It's easy!

Already have one? View your account activity or pay your bill online.

Cash Management

We offer a wide range of cash management services for businesses, including a Cash Management Sweep Account for automatic cash management; the electronic payment of business taxes (Electronic Federal Tax Payment System); and direct deposit for employees.

Merchant Services

Paying too much for your merchant credit card processing? Bank of Cape Cod, through one of our business partners, offers merchant credit card processing. Call us today, and at no cost to you, we will review your accounts and offer recommendations to save you money.

Bank of Cape Cod can also help with payroll processing.

Other Services

Telephone Banking

Business owners can conduct banking transactions at Bank of Cape Cod around the clock with TeleBanc - the bank's free electronic telephone program. To access TeleBanc, call 800-352-4271 and follow the simple voice instructions.

Electronic Federal Tax Payment System

Would you like to make your Federal Tax Payments on-line? Simply click here and you will be redirected to the Federal Government's EFTPS page, which allows you to process online tax payments.

Online Banking

Our online banking application can be modified to accommodate your needs. Whether it is a sole proprietor or a large corporation, our online banking product is versatile enough to accommodate a number of users while varying their access abilities. You decide when you or your employees can view the accounts. You may choose to view your accounts 24 hours a day seven days a week, or restrict access to the business week between certain hours. Your access is designed according to your specific needs.

Learn more about our Business Online Banking.

Remote Deposit

Remote Deposit enables you to easily deposit checks directly into your account, at any time, without ever leaving your office. This system is available to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week, allowing you to post checks to your business account whenever you choose. Still not convinced? Bank of Cape Cod will provide Remote Deposit to you at no charge for six months for you to test the product.

Learn more about the Remote Deposit product.

Letters of Credit

This service is useful when suppliers or other parties need assurance that your business will fulfill the terms of a given contract.

Rediscover Local Banking

The Management, Associates and Directors of Bank of Cape Cod believe in the Cape Cod community and are committed to making a difference in the lives of its businesses and residents.

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